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Weekly Classes

FYI Weekly Classes:

  • Physical Education- PE is every Monday from 8:45-9:45 a.m. Please dress appropriately.
  • Library- Wednesday's after lunch.  Library will start next week. Your child will have the opportunity to check out books weekly with their class. They must bring their library books back each week, to either turn in or renew for the following week.
  • Music- Music is every Thursday afternoon.  For the next two weeks the kids will have the opportunity to experience both Instrumental Band and Vocal Choir in order to make an informed choice to which class they would like to do for the year.
  • Robotics- Thursday 2:15-3 p.m. Using notes and videos on how to program the EV3 robots, students will complete the tasks of programming their robot to move in a straight line, turn, and reverse just to name a few.  The goal is to battle the robots in March based on their programming skills. The tasks will be challenging and will require the kids to work together to problem solve and figure out the best solution to the problems they encounter.  They will truly need to work as a team and listen to each other’s ideas in order to finish the tasks and be successful.