The 5th grade team is keeping you in our thoughts during this unprecedented time.  Our first priority is the safety and health of our families during this school closure.  With that said, we wanted to send out grade level resources for you to access digitally.  Westhoff has also provided a hard copy if needed, outside of our school for pick-up. These resources are optional and will not be graded.  Instead, they are to provide your child with review and practice of the skills they have learned thus far. 
In addition to the resources below your child also has access to the student portal which is accessible through the school website.  We have opened "Think Central's"  personal math trainer to provide further math practice in addition to the usual resources that are available through the school portal.
We wish you the very best and look forward to when we can all be safely back together.   
Stay safe,  Mr. Curtin    
Hello class!

It was a pleasure to see all of your smiling faces this past week as we began getting to know one another. You have already shown me that you are eager to begin incorporating kindness as a part of our daily routine.  I know this will help us to achieve one of our school goals of treating others the way we all want to be treated.  A supportive classroom environment will assist and encourage our students in giving their best efforts toward accomplishing their personal and class goals.   

Welcome to our Pony Express website. Please check this site every day after school to confirm that you have copied the information correctly from the white board and get any additional information updates that you may need. Please remember to have your parents download the remind.com app to get last minute reminders as texts or emails.  

I look forward to sharing many creative and engaging learning experiences with you throughout our time together in fifth grade.

Sincerely, Mr. Curtin