3rd Grade
Room B8
The school year is in full swing and the students are doing a wonderful job in third grade!  They are working hard at learning their multiplication and division facts.  The class is in the middle of reading The Chocolate Touch, a fun book about a little boy and his love for chocolate.  We are learning how to thoroughly answer comprehension questions and students will take a comprehension and vocabulary test on the book when we are done reading.  In Social Studies, we are learning about the geography and regions of California.  During Writer's Workshop, students are just beginning to work on their personal narrative, with the focus being on a small moment (some special memory of their own).  In Reader's Workshop, students are learning how to choose a just right book and how building your reading stamina is important as you build your reading skills.  Our class has begun visiting the school library.  We will visit the library on Tuesdays, so please remind them to bring their library books to school each Tuesday morning so that they can check out new books.  Students in Bluebird Ranch have also been focusing on Growth Mindset, which is teaching them to focus on what they all ready know they can do, and more importantly to look at what they are still learning to do and to know they eventually will get's called the power of YET!  For example, I don't know how to ride a bike YET..but I will!  Or I don't know all my multiplication facts YET..but I will!  It is designed to help build positive self-image and confidence as they grow.  Also, just a reminder that students have P.E. each Monday, so appropriate shoes are important.
If you need to contact me please email me at
Please remember that the students will have district P.E. every Monday.  Students should wear appropriate shoes and clothes to be ready to participate in P.E. 
Thank you for ensuring that your child completes their nightly homework.  As a class, we complete the homework planner together each day and it is to go home in their homework folder and come back to school the next day.  


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Please refer to this webpage for information regarding classroom updates, weekly schedules, and activities as they pertain to the students in Bluebird Ranch.